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Welcome to FFPRI FluxNet

The Forest Meteorology Research Group of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) runs FFPRI FluxNet. The network carries out research on the exchange of energy, water and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and Japanese forest ecosystems.


森林―大気間のエネルギ、水蒸気、二酸化炭素輸送に関する研究を行っている、森林総合研究所フラックス観測ネットワーク(FFPRI FluxNet)のページです。


Last update: 2019-03-13

Due to the maintenance of the FFNet Database, we are not accepting any data requests. We are sorry for the inconvenience. (2019-03-13)

Scientific Meeting: Scientific meeting for the 10th anniversary of JapanFlux was held on Feb. 20 to Feb.21, 2018 in National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Tsukuba. . (2017-12-22)

Database / extent: API(2000 .. 2008, revised in 20 Apr. 2017)
Soil heat flux (G) data are corrected. See the API data update log for details . (2017-08-21)

Webpage: Database-related pages are redesigned. (2017-06-28)

Webpage: Broken links are restored. (2017-05-16)

Database: New data sets for YMS are available . (2017-05-01)

Database: New data sets for FJY are available . (2017-04-27)

Database: New and updated data sets for API are available . (2017-04-20)

Webpage: The academic paper listing is updated. (2017-03-21)

Workshop: Joint conference of the AsiaFlux Workshop 2017 and the 15th Anniversary Celebration of ChinaFLUX was held in Beijing on August 17-19 2017 . (2017-08-21)

Database: New and updated data sets for SAP are available . (2017-02-28)

Webpage: FFPRI FluxNet web pages are thoroughly revised. (2017-02-28)